Photos from 25th November 2011

Mama, who is usually in Singapore having a good time at khana commune Singapore, was in town for this khana commune dinner in London on 25th November 2011. She did most of the cooking but took very little credit for it, as usual! Here’s a photo of her beautiful hands chopping herbs for the starter:

And here are a few photographs of the food:

to start

aloor chop (potato kebab) and piaju (onion and lentil fritter)

pakistani coriander chutney

the mains

chilli paneer with sweet peppers and red onion

bengali broccoli bharta (mash) with onions and mustard oil

bengali mishti kumra (pumpkin stirfry)

bengali-style tandoori chicken just out of the oven

pakistani tarka daal infused with green mango

pulao rice

to sweeten

mama’s amazing gulab jamon

an array of coffees including kisher (cascara)

About khanacommuneldn

London's first Bengali supper club
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1 Response to Photos from 25th November 2011

  1. Tehmina Kazi says:

    This looks incredible! Hope I can attend this year…

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