Thanks very much for a lovely evening. Great food and food chat too. I particularly liked the lamb and tomato chutney. The coffee talk was really interesting too!

Thanks so much for so warmly welcoming us into your home. It’s inspiring to see people so passionate about food (& coffee!). The food was wonderful and it’s been a great first supper club experience.

Thanks so much for such a lovely evening. Nothing like food made with love. Inspiring to see you so engaged and be so entertaining. I had a great evening…Hope to see you all again soon!

This is the best food experience I ever had, after my mom’s Biryani! Fareena & Abdul-Rehman’s impeccable hospitality, amazing cooking talents and generosity made for an exceptional evening.

Thank you so much for such an amazing evening with great food and great people. I had such a wonderful evening. Thanks again!

What a wonderful evening! Thank you for the delicious food. We loved the in-depth insights into the dishes and the coffee. best supper club hosts ever!

It was a pleasure being a part of the first London commune! Loved the mix of cultures in the decor, food, drinks and music! Great atmosphere and warm hospitality. All the best for future communes – hope this is the first of many!

What an incredible meal! Good company and great food. So appreciative of the invitation 🙂

Loved the company! Amazing food and very warm and welcoming hosts. Enjoyed every bit of it. Cookies were delish! P.S. Enjoyed the old school desi music too 🙂

Great food, great company and great coffee!

What a wonderful find! Lots of lovely unusual flavours. I hope to be back. Thank you!

The potato kebab, lamb and prawns were amazing!

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